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Cheers to the Super bowl

The Super bowl is the biggest television event in the USA and one of the biggest in the world. At its peak, the ratings reached to 115 million people but it should also be mentioned that it was reached during the half time show when superstars took the stage and most expensive advertisements saw the daylight for the first time. Therefore, it can […]

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Summer lovin

The so-called summer beers have arrived, it´s actually been on stock now since late May. It´s actually felt like summer lately as the summer started out not so strong, weather wise that is. That being said, I´ve had some time to do my research. In my last blog entry, I rated Freki Nr. 33, which is the latest product of Borg Brewery, a very fine p […]

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The trials of the beer enthusiast

My quest to being able to call myself a true beer enthusiast continues. All Day IPA is a session IPA. I would definitely recommend it as it goes down smoothly, the taste is not too strong nor is it too bitter. You can also taste a hint of lemon which gives it a nice aftertaste. I would clearly rank among my desert island beers, in case I have […]

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Beer enthusiast in the making

I feel the need to start referring to myself as a beer enthusiast with the opening of the Beer Garden which I believe to be a welcome addition to the ever growing beer culture in Iceland. Question remains though, what does that mean? Will I have to start drinking beer every night as terrible as that sounds? Well, I guess not. That would probably […]

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