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I feel the need to start referring to myself as a beer enthusiast with the opening of the Beer Garden which I believe to be a welcome addition to the ever growing beer culture in Iceland. Question remains though, what does that mean? Will I have to start drinking beer every night as terrible as that sounds? Well, I guess not. That would probably not go to well with my effort to stay fit.

So I decided to start my beer tasting and coureer as a beer enthusiast two weeks ago at home. Having already attended the so-called Beerschool at Ölgerðin brewery in Reykjavík I do possess a certain basic amount of beer knowledge. There I discovered a wonderful thing called an IPA or India Pale Pale which is a kind of beer brewed in many variations. The naming has an interesting story to it but I´ll share that some other time. Anyways, I love my IPA and bought myself two kinds of IPA that I had not tasted before.

Basically I just stood in front of the racket in the liquor store and bought something that both looked good and had the letters IPA in big fonts. First up: Brew Dog Punk IPA from Scotland which happens to be available at the Beer Garden as well as other BrewDog beers, such as the Jack hammer and Hardcore.

Brewdog Punk IPA from Aberdeen

It is my understanding that hops from New Zealand are quite popular at the moment, my niece lives there so I decided to try the Monteith´s IPA, it´s not available at the moment at the Beer Garden but who knows what lies in the future.

Monteith´s IPA from New Zealand

I strongly recommend these two, taste is light, not to bitter and they feature a kind of flowery taste. I myself don´t like the feel of a strong hop taste so these two went down quite nice.

A tip at the end. An IPA specialist at the Beer Garden recommended trying an IPA called Founders All Day IPA which is a session IPA, not too bitter or too flavourful and then the Founders Centennial IPA which is brewed from the "centennial" hops which should give it a light citrus flavour. Both are brewed in the USA and are available at the Beer Garden.

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