Summer lovin

Best Food to Compliment Beer

The so-called summer beers have arrived, it´s actually been on stock now since late May. It´s actually felt like summer lately as the summer started out not so strong, weather wise that is. That being said, I´ve had some time to do my research. In my last blog entry, I rated Freki Nr. 33, which is the latest product of Borg Brewery, a very fine product but I´ve virtually been unable to purchase it at my local wine store, might be time to widen my search grid I guess. Anyways, let´s get started. Víking Sumaröl or Viking Summer ale. It´s not my first time tasting it but it´s worthy of coverage as it was the highest selling summer beer of 2014 in Iceland.  I really like this beer, lately it´s been my starter. That is, to start the night with when cooking, listening to good music etc. It has a certain summery feel to it, it might be the orange flavour and smell of it or how nice it looks in a beautiful glass. It´s not bitter and runs down quite smoothly but I never drink more than two on one night. The summer ale is Belgium style wheat beer and according to the food pairing advise from the Beer Garden, it should be consumed with almost any food, especially cheeses and spicy sauces.

Víking Summer Ale

Next up we have Boli Keller which is a nice lager. It´s quite good, although I would probably not consumer more than two per night. It´s not bitter but for some reason   I´m not craving more after the first or two. It´s a nice product when starting the night outside bathing in the sun. Would be nice to able to smell the beer and come up with a fancy line about the different ingredients and so on… I´m not quite there at the moment, I just smell beer basically apart from the above mentioned. An ability that will hopefully develop in full in time. I will consider myself a true beer enthusiast when the only thing I have to do is smell a beer to being able to describe all its ingredients. Now I just read the can.

Boli Keller

Gullsumar which stands for Golden Summer, I did not particularly like. The taste itself does little to impress and I´m sorry to say that it leaves a kind of a neutral aftertaste. I´ve never actually been a fan of the regular Gull and I would have thought that the seasonal Gull had more of a different ring to it. The regular Gull though is an ok lager which I recently started drinking more of.

Sumargull from Ölgerðin brewery

Have you ever wandered if it matters what kind of a glass you drink your beer from?
Well, I hadn´t until recently. I´m gonna explore that trait further in my next blog entry.

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