The trials of the beer enthusiast

Best Food to Compliment Beer

My quest to being able to call myself a true beer enthusiast continues.

All Day IPA is a session IPA. I would definitely recommend it as it goes down smoothly, the taste is not too strong nor is it too bitter. You can also taste a hint of lemon which gives it a nice aftertaste. I would clearly rank among my desert island beers, in case I have to choose five IPA beers to bring with to an island in the middle of nowhere. I should state though that I am a newbie when it comes to the world of beer tasting, especially the IPA so my choices could change if my quest continues.It should pair nicely with a barbecue buffet and cold slaw according to my sources which I believe to be reliable. I´ve often seen this particular beer in the store but never did it cross my mind to purchase it, I´ve always thought it has a cartoonish feel to it. My mistake!

All Day IPA from Founders Brewing USA.

I decided to try a new Icelandic IPA from Borg brewery, Freki number 33. Usually I don´t drink their beers because I´ve always thought they were just for the professional beer drinkers, that is, not the Heineken and Polar beer slurping guys like me. Glad those days are over. Freki is unique in the sense that it´s Iceland´s first wild beer which are brewed of brettanomyces yeast. I´m not sure if Freki will be on offer only during the summer or not. I enjoyed the taste very much, the taste is not too strond which suits me perfectly as I´m still getting used to the strong IPA taste that many beers feature. It also has a strong fruity taste which makes it an ideal summer beer to enjoy in those sunny days. Not too many of those here in Iceland these days so I´ll  have to take them with me when I go abroad.

IPA from Borg brewery in Iceland

I´m gonna be another perspective in my next blog and writing about seasonal beers in Iceland but we´ve seen an increase in production and demand over the past few years.

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