The Beer Garden menu

  • Side orders

  • Deep Fried Onion 690 ISK

  • Waffle Fries 690 ISK

  • Curly Fries 690 ISK

  • Sweet potato fries 690 ISK

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  • Hot Dog Bar

  • Bacon Jam 1.600 ISK

    Beer grillowa sausage with bacon Jam, deep-fried onion and garlic yogurt-sauce

  • BBQ Pork 1.600 ISK

    BBQ pork, beer Grillowa, bacon mayo, crispy thyme onion

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  • Vegan

  • Bulsa 1.600 ISK

    Vegan Havarí Bulsa, white cabbage and tarragon, BG hummus

  • BG Vegan Burger 2.600 ISK

    Veggie burger with red onion jam, tomato relish, sesame dressing and a choice of Japanese slaw or fries

  • Street food

  • Big Dímon cheese 1.600-2.200 ISK

    Baked blue & white mould cheese, honey, pumpkin seed, rosemary and toast 1-2 people 1.600 3 people 2.200

  • BG Turkey Sandwich 2.600 ISK

    Sliced turkey breast, romaine salat, waldorf salad, dried cranberris and "laufabrauð" crumble

  • BG Duck Burger 2.600 ISK

    Duck confit tempura with caramelized red onions, cucumber, spring onion, garlic sauce and fries

  • BG Burger 150 gr. 2.600 ISK

    Gourmet burger, Romaine salad, tomato relish, Cheddar Cheese, pickles and fries.

  • Chicken Wings 1.600-2.200 ISK

    Barbecue chicken wings served with blue cheese dressing 8 pieces 1.600 ISK 16 pieces 2.200 ISK

  • Fish'n'Chips 2.600 ISK

    Deep fried arctic wolffish, herb mayo and fries.

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