The Beer Garden menu

  • Side orders

  • Waffle Fries 690 ISK

  • Country style fries 690 ISK

  • Curly Fries 690 ISK

  • Sweet potato fries 690 ISK

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  • Sausage bar

  • Bulsa 1.600 ISK

    Vegan Havarí Bulsa, white cabbage and tarragon, BG hummus

  • BBQ Pork 1.600 ISK

    BBQ pork, beer Grillowa, bacon mayo, crispy thyme onion

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  • Street food

  • Cheese Platter 2.600 ISK

    Mixed Icelandic cheeses. Served with Chili jam, honey roasted mixed nuts and grilled bread.

  • Meat Platter 2.600 ISK

    A selection of Icelandic meat which has been dried, smoked and cured. Served with mini pickles, horseradish sauce and grilled bread.

  • Deep fried Camembert 1.500 ISK

    Served with toasted bread and homemade raspberry jam.

  • Chicken Wings 1.600-2.200 ISK

    Barbecue chicken wings served with blue cheese dressing 8 pieces 1.600 ISK 16 pieces 2.200 ISK

  • BG Vegan Burger 2.600 ISK

    Veggie burger, onion jam, tomato relish, sesame dressing, choice of fries or salad.

  • BG Mini burgers 2.600 ISK

    Three 50 gr gourmet burgers.

  • BG Salad 2.200 ISK

    Romaine salad, grilled broccoli, grilled Cauliflower, kohlrabi and pickled beetroots. Add tempura chicken for 400 ISK extra.

  • BG Burger 150 gr. 2.600 ISK

    Gourmet burger, Romaine salad, tomato relish, Cheddar Cheese, pickles and fries.

  • Fish'n'Chips 2.600 ISK

    Deep fried arctic wolffish, herb mayo and fries.

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